What is the most popular cam to cam chat?

It’s been about 3 years since the creation of chatroulette.com, the great popularity and interest of users to casual dating services (chat or chatroulette). During this time, various developers have released dozens of unique chatroulette. Consider the most popular and visited.

1. First place, as paradoxical as it will sound, takes omegle.com chat with a daily audience of 224,000 people who have viewed more than 600,000 pages. But because of the weak functional and lots of perverts, I would not give this resource one place.

alternative chatroulette
2. Thanks to compulsory registration and total ban users discoverer of chat roulette chatroulette.com was in second place with 156 thousand to users of visiting the site daily. Andrew Ternovskii continues to update the chat roulette, adding sometimes very controversial innovations (check-in invites, registration fee, etc.)






3. VideochatRU.com — 113,000 users a day, and the third place in the rating! Free chat is very popular among Russian users. Chatroulette moderated, which is very good increases its usefulness. Just as there is an analogue videochatru.com American alternative chatroulette.com. New, is gaining momentum and popularity http://chatalternative.com/.

4. Bazoocam.org — French-German equivalent chatroulette fourth position 39 thousand visitors.

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