Secrets of sympathy

chatroulette sympathy secrets We all want to be cute and attractive in the eyes of other people. Even in chatroulette most do not want to be the person other people skip. Why does it depend on sympathy, and one can't be equally attractive for everyone?

Often, we feel sympathy, if a person is alike us and it's not always just in appearance, more importantly, a common vision and values. They like nothing else brings together two people. If a complete stranger will say that, like you, likes motorcycles - you'll feel it with the location. The fact is that in this way you will find an ally, and you feel that your choice is appropriate.

In this case, there is sympathy, even when the person is simply trying to be like. Such a psychological ploy often used in training for sellers. Of taught to pay attention to features of the buyer, such as accent or make of car, and then to show the similarities in the behavior.

Use chatroulette wisely to find people with whom you have something in common

Of course, a better chance to win the sympathy of the people who do have common interests. Sometimes a common date of birth is enough to start a pleasant conversation and, as a result, cause sympathy.

Besides similarities, just knowing that we will meet again with the man is sympathetic. During one experiment, people had to perform the job very attractive leader. Some reported that they were a few more times to see her, while the others - saw it the last time. In the end they had to appreciate how much they pretty she is considered. The experiment showed people consider one and the same as a person more likeable, if they see it again.

Communicating in chat, hint person you want to meet him again and you will see how to change his attitude.

In addition, the most favorable relations are those in which the mutual exchange of balance. We are suspicious of people who "take" and "do not return." This is true for any kind of social relationships, both business and intimate. Communicating in chat, you probably do come across people who talked a lot of personal information, and they do not currently reported. Did you feel comfortable in this situation? Doubtful. Therefore, in order to regain be natural, open to dialogue and communicate with the same people.

Don't hesitate to tell your webcam chat interlocutor why you like him

Another secret sympathies lie in the fact that we like those who like us. And the effect is simply amazing. This rule is very psychological well described Shakespeare in his play "Much Ado About Nothing." Beatrice and Benedict could not stand each other, their next encounter brought their friends desire to make a couple of them. They tell Beatrice that Benedict mad about her, and Benedict that Beatrice often speaks of it in a positive way. They believed these rumors, took a liking t like this and their relationship quickly made.

This psychological technique successfully used in the 17th century, the manual for successful sales said: "If the client are important to you, just do it a compliment and say that they have caused to you liking. They will be happy and you will make a profitable sale. Even if women are not beautiful, they make for a nice little breeze and it will bring you a profit. "

Sellers often use this secret of sympathy. The best proof of this was Joe Girardi, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the best seller of cars in the world. The secret of his success is simple, for every holiday, he sent all of its customers greeting cards, adding the sentence: "I like you." Its sales have soared to unprecedented heights.

Be positive!

Chatroulette gives you an opportunity to meet a nice person, you just do not hide your feelings, and you quickly will win his favor.

Another little secret of success - try to be associated with something positive. This greatly affects the appearance of affection, often negative associations, and give rise to superstitions, the black cat is associated with misfortune, and in ancient times and at all was made to execute a messenger who brought bad news.

Share with your chatroulette interlocutor positive emotions and he will repay you in kind.

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