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Chatroulette has been constantly facing problems when it comes to keeping a curb on users who are miscreants and playing pranks on other people. So there have been problems reported by other legitimate users and a loss of traffic for those people.

Registration policy

chatroulette sms verificationPreviously, the users did not have to register on the site to use video chat with random people. As there are a number of people who misuse the site and tend to make users uncomfortable, registration as a user has been mandated.

The service is available only for people who are 18 years or older. The site is bringing in strict measures. Hence the users who strip or get naked in front of the camera, engage in obscenities and sexual behaviour can be banned effectively.

SMS codes for verification

The site has an SMS code generation and verification scheme in place nowadays. For the user to be accepted and allowed to be used as a service, the person will be sent an SMS code which will be randomly generated.

The user has to type in the code that has been sent to the mobile and then use the service. This has got a lot of users irritated as they are required to use mobile numbers to get on chat. This is not possible for many users.

The problem with this method is that there are not many users who have a mobile but want to chat. Hence the users who do not have a mobile phone are not able to use the chat service. The second problem that people encounter is that the SMS code system sometimes does not work as expected and the users are getting frequently locked out of the site.

No SMS codes and registration

Our site offers seamless chat service. We do not restrict our users with any conditions though! We are in place to ban those users who are engaging in unwanted activities on the site. We randomly pair with people with whom users can chat and have a good time.

The main intention and pulse of the chat application is to kill boredom and to create a place for people to hang out. We feel that putting too much security measues in place causes restlessness among users and they would hesitate to use the service.

Regulatory measures should be put in place and both sides should be helpful in implementing it. If the site alone takes responsibility and the users continue to misuse and misbehave it is going to be chaperoning. Hence the users should also comply with rules and avoid using the site for sex and other nude behaviour.

With no registrations and SMS codes, you can be paired with people readily and without any time consuming hassles. This is the best thing that we do for our users to enjoy an uninterrupted service of chat.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start chatting!

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