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 has many of these advantages, you can not only hear but also see companion. We are strong in the visuals, but audialy not far behind. Remember, is communicating in cam to cam chat, you do not want to influence people by voice. Would not you like to speak passionately, calmly, eloquently, pathetically, inspiration, indifference, charmingly and piercing - all on their own?! Voice - it is an extremely effective tool with which you can have a strong influence on the interlocutor. Communicating in webcam chat, do not allow yourself to influence - influence themselves.

Learn to control your voice - not as tough as it might seem at first. Anyway, as soon as a person hears your voice, he influences him. Began to speak, you already had an impact on the person you want to or not. All you have to do not so much - to understand this impact and to learn to manage it. Make your voice changes and extend its influence.

What would make an impression on the listener, it should first be interested. Remember, when you are traveling in a train, which gives interesting way? Ever-changing scenery outside the window. As soon as the view from the window for a long time does not change, people start to doze. The psychology of human conversation is no exception. All you need to do - is to add variety to your speech, try to use the maximum potential of your voice.

There are plenty of ways to make your voice more varied and richer

Rhythm - the long and short phrases.

Pace - fast, slow and moderate.

Height - low and high sounds.

Resonance - a rich chest, deep abdominal.

Volume - quietly, almost in a whisper, and very loud.

Silence - a pause filled with the inner life.

Vowels - they all emotions. Feel it!

Accent - it all the weight of words.

Consonants - they create a clear and precise understanding.

Washington - hail-fellow-hearted, sarcastic, plain, sharp, hot, harsh, polite, etc.

Try all of these tools, change the voice, speak fast and slow, high and low, loud and quiet, energy and indifference. You will not notice the sounds will be completely obey your thoughts. Your partner will not be bored.

Use your voice in webcam chat

Webcam chat allows you to get to know different people and not all of, say, cause you friendship. It's always there. Your state of mind affects the sound of your voice, and the last - what do you think of his companion. Here the rule is simple - treat people positively and your voice will be more attractive to them.

In support will tell the story of a singer. Her accompanist was late to speak, but she did not lose her, sat on the edge of the stage and began to talk with the audience, joking, talking about his life. When 40 minutes accompanist finally arrived, the singer and her audience already had friendship and the concert was with great cordiality.

You do not need to artificially induce the location of the interlocutor, say many compliments or infinite jest. One phrase said a pleasant voice, can be much more effective. You're in the webcam chat - well. Now, your main task - to make contact with someone. Begin to speak first and show their interest. In fact, people like to have them make contact. You've come to the video chat for communication?! Okay, the other person too. It is already opened for communication. Of course, it can cover a range of emotions - skepticism, indifference, interest. All you need - is to be on the same wavelength. Your correspondent aggressive mood!? Not terrible. Put yourself in his place and feel the situation. Do not become aggressive, but communicate with similar energy, be active and be prepared to repel.

Think about it, whether it's webcam chat or real life, the most valuable in communicating?! When you listen. Empathize his audience and you will become a brilliant conversationalist. When you feel the mood and energy companion, listen to his voice, know how to be silent - a bond.

If a person empathizes with the other party, it automatically adjusts its communication for him. For example, if a person is upset - it is automatically going to say more quiet, low voice. Exclamation, "What a beautiful day today," do not cause nothing but bewilderment.

So if you want to get closer to his companion - tune in to his inner world with the power of body language, breathing, and, of course, vote. Once you have established this relationship - your partner will follow the example of your voice.

In order to influence the interlocutor with voice remember a few basic rules:

- Your voice should be pleasant to the ear and have a positive impact.

- Be different, change the pitch of the voice, its volume and rhythm.

- Your voice should express your inner energy, emotions and feelings.

- Empathize and be in harmony with their listeners.

And now - go ahead in the webcam chat and test it in practice.

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