How to make a positive impression in 10 seconds

Chatroulette positive impression online datingChatroulette offers a unique setting for dating. You can meet lots of people. But what a pity, when the person they clicked the "on", not allowing you to say and offer. Make good first impression - it is art. This seeks to most people, but a lot of skills to communicate effectively reduced to zero.

Chatroulette gives you the opportunity to meet the person you are looking for. So let it happen and hold his attention for more than 10 seconds. Do not know how?! We will tell.

Video chat provides additional ways of communication

Few people pay attention to the fact that about 70% of communication is not through words or even through voice and intonation, and a non-verbal channels. Your body begins the dialogue even before the first word you say. Therefore, posture, gestures, facial expressions - this is the basis of effective communication.

Human brain is able to capture about 10 thousand signs per second. Communicating with your friends and chatting, you've probably noticed how much you can tell about a person by how he sit, walk, greeting, smiling. With these subtle signs, we can determine whether we like the person or not. This is particularly important when you share the computer screen, automatically increasing attention and appreciate every gesture.

Every unconscious movement tells more about you than you would like. Movements may be invisible, but they help to provide a positive impact on human or otherwise - negative. Each of your eyes, a smile, a gesture, can attract the person or make him click "next."

Chatroulette is a type of chat where the first impression matters

We must remember that the first impression is particularly strong, which is why it is important to get the attention of the interlocutor from the first seconds. Chatroulette allows you to find everyone what he is looking for, so every other person involuntarily scans you, making your image. That is why it is important to make a positive impression right away, do not give the person and think you click "next."

What's best to start with?! The answer is too obvious - with a smile. But its power is not to be underestimated.

Smile operates smoothly at all, as long as it was sincere. Remember the sales managers, their faces shine with broad smiles, but there is something in them that makes squirm and feel uncomfortable with it - dishonesty. Successful businessmen and diplomats use their smile with far more wisely. They smile - is a precious gift and it appears only a few times during the negotiations.

What is the power of a smile

Seeing in chat a pleasant companion, do not rush to smile first few seconds evaluate partner, then slowly smile. By doing this you will stress that your smile is to him. Sometimes people are in a hurry to smile, as if to say, "Look what I" instead of delay, saying, "Look at what you do." Therefore, your smile should appear after a few seconds after the meeting, so it will have more confidence in his interlocutor.

Successful people are tested on their experience, smile - is one of the most powerful tools of influence. Therefore, they carefully set up this tool to maximum effect. They smile so powerful and charming, that they smile the whole world.

And make her smile like that. Just stand in front of a mirror and smile a few times. Notice how diverse can be your smile and remember the best. Let your boyfriend or girlfriend will act as a critic, and then just practice on their friends. If you could call them a special arrangement, you come upon the secret of attraction smile.

Another important weapon in your arsenal - it is a view. He alone is able to stir up feelings or alienate the contrary.

Women in Love always produce dilated pupils and a man always says this, not even giving yourself of this. That is why the soft light gives the impression of intimacy. Under low-light eyes widen, and it is - a direct message to the "alert".

Even professional poker players bluff determines the pupil opponent. If you come across a good card - the pupils are quickly expanding. Knowing this, players tend to wear dark glasses and do not look into the eyes of opponents.

Communicating in video chat, sometimes look in the eyes of your companion, they can tell you about his true feelings and intentions.

View may not be less than eloquent. If a person is hiding something from you, he will often look away. Should be avoided. In order to gain the interlocutor, try to look him in the eye.

In a conversation with women look for men to be "sticky." Look at the questioner, even during pauses in conversation. And if you look away, do it slowly, as if you just can not break away from their companion. For women it works perfectly.

Women often use the technique of "shooting eyes." If the other person is not interesting to them, they are long and cold look at one point.

Chat with confidence

What else helps to create an image of a confident person? Certainly posture.

You're probably looking at happened stranger at a glance that he self-confident and successful. What were its main features? Of course, confident posture.

First assistant in the creation of posture - this exercise "Wall". Leaning against the wall, hold her arms, shoulders, back, buttocks, heels, hands and wait a few minutes in this position. Then, without changing the position of the body, fix it. Imagine being stuck in the wall of your back and take a few steps. The more you walk with your back straight in a better, gradually it will become your habit. The main thing - to do this exercise on a regular basis and the results will surprise you.

The second exercise is called "Rope." Imagine if your top is suspended from the sky and invisible rope pulling you up, relax the whole body, feel under the influence of gravity, it seeks down to earth, and the rope pulls you up. In this case, the shoulders should not change its location as a jacket that hung on a hanger. As a result, your spine will stretch between heaven and earth. He looks like a bowstring, which do not need to make an effort to be tight. Repeating this exercise you will be surprised how different your posture.

If you have no time to exercise, just spend a little practice, saying, "I successful and determined man." Positive formulation, stated several times has the effect of self-hypnosis. You will become more confident, and your shoulders straightened.

Can still remember the bright, pleasant event, the recovery, which you then experienced how rejoiced and were happy with them. The moment your head is automatically lifted, shoulders straightened and his face appears a nice smile. Noticed? Here are the successful people who stand firmly on their feet and can quickly make a positive impression on the interlocutor.

Simple, is not it?! These simple tips will help you make a good impression after the first seconds of dating chat.

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