How to chat to make a favorable first impression

make great first impression in ChatrouletteMany chat users face problems - what to say to make a good first impression? How to win attention of the interlocutor? Where to start? How to make a positive first impression? You know that you only have one chance to make a first impression, so you need to maximize the value of their first and only chance. There are certain laws which must account for each person who wants to please the other person.

In psychology, there is such a term as "imprinting" that "Imprinting" of the image in the minds of human companion. If you were able to in the first few seconds to make a positive impression, it will be like a loop to accompany you during the whole dialogue. But it is not so easy. Even the most intelligent and self-confident people do not always get to make a positive first impression. Therefore it is important to know a few rules.

You have just a few seconds to make the first impression

What do you think how long it takes to form a first impression? This is not a watch, and not even a minute. Psychologists estimate that the first impression is created in just seven seconds, and the rest of the time is fixed. Of course, you can try to fix it, but it's very difficult.

When your image appears on the screen, your interlocutor starts to form your image. This is the file that was not there before, which is what we create in the first seconds of communication. After seven seconds the other person thinks that a lot of you know. Be sure by this time you have already been evaluated and given a definition: attractive - unattractive, erudite - silly, fun - unexciting. Of course, in real life you can not fit in the minds of your newfound companion image, both in the positive and the negative side. If you choose, once it is clear which side is preferable. After ChatRoulette created for fun and productive communication, better to show themselves to the most advantageous side and find a lot of good company.

Sympathy or antipathy in Chatroulette chat matters just as much as in normal life

Perhaps, when meeting with someone you often feel sympathy and desire to continue to talk, or vice versa antipathy which caused impact on future relations. Usually the first seven seconds of the action in all spheres. Employers make a decision on hiring a few seconds, and the rest of the time convince themselves the right choice. The same rule applies to the student's life, the teachers immediately appear pets, they are related to more loyal than to any other student. ChatRoulette is no exception. With a huge choice, people tend to make decisions more quickly, so do everything possible to please you people chose you. It's not that hard.

The first impression begins to form in the first second. Your correspondent consistently appraising looks at you, feeling something akin to the interest and skepticism. "The one-and-a, well, who is there at this time? This one, is that it?! Well, let's see what you imagine yourself out. " Such thoughts are often swarming in his head. To make a good impression does not necessarily act radically, provocatively dressed, baffle performance favorite songs, recite poetry, or at least do something strange.

In ChatRoulette, the first impression is important

ChatRoulette first impressionWant to make the interlocutor of the chat a good impression? Be the Boss. This capacious word contains all the positive qualities of the man: confidence, humility, affability, inner strength, reliability and leadership. You should feel in their territory and feel a hundred percent psychological comfort. Strong personality in any way to generate interest, her words have an increased significance. No matter what the motivation was that your interlocutor: the desire to know you better and find your weaknesses, most importantly - you will listen, you will communicate and will not notice as you become something more than just a companion.

Of course, not always control his emotions. Imagine you've enabled chat and met his ideal. What do you feel? Uncertainty, anxiety. Because of these discomforts may appear inappropriate gestures and quick, confused speech. If this happens - try to speak more slowly and move slowly, as if a little braking. Then misplaced vanity gone and you'll find a happy medium. Remember, whatever you do, the other person has to think that all you have is OK.

Do not allow even a single mistake - do not show their interest immediately. Do not just say a lot of compliments, active fun, smile. This looks like a desire to win the favor of cheaper methods. Your caller will immediately understand that you climb out of the skins that he likes it. But here the other rules: if a person specifically wants to please, like it a lot more.

Of course, it is important not to forget the break. You may ask: "What role does it perform?", "Why did not immediately start talking? '. But not all so simple. That pause attracts and captures the attention of the interlocutor, he is looking forward to what comes next. But after a time by a maximum - a peak of attention. Here is where it is important to speak. This requires a lot of skill, but the effect is incredible.

Avoid empty pauses in conversation

It is also important to pause was filled. Empty pause only disappoint your interlocutor. It should be filled with inner life. In support will tell real life example of Stanislavsky. Great director once gave his disciples the task, simply pause the audience. Almost no one failed, the actors were laughing, giggling, replayed. When Stanislavsky himself took the stage and began to look carefully into the hall - all quiet and feel the importance, inner contentment pause. He stared into the room two minutes and the crowd did not miss a single second. Of course, you should not keep silent for so long, but a couple of seconds is enough to make the interlocutor favorable first impression.

Every successful person is a bit actor. ChatRoulette gives you the opportunity to learn how to make a favorable first impression on his companions. Take into service these simple rules, and you will have the opportunity to expand the circle of acquaintances, perhaps, to meet his fate, and become more confident and successful person, not only in the virtual world, but also in real life.

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